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Dr. Abbey Jo Shulkin DAOM, L.Ac., is a doctor of acupuncture, herbalist medicine, fitness instructor and nutritional consultant specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, Parkinson’s Disease, digestive issues and weight loss. Abbey graduated from the Acupuncture and Massage College with a Master’s Degree In Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and later pursued a post-graduate study specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease with acupuncture at The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. As an exercise enthusiast Abbey worked intensively with Parkinson’s patients as a fitness instructor for the Parkinson’s Foundation and through the Memorial Hospital Fitness Center in Broward County Florida.

Also, having overcome an eating disorder in her early 20’s, Dr. Shulkin is an expert on issues concerning weight and living a healthy life style on the deepest level. During Abbey’s 30 years of living in The Netherlands, she was introduced to alternative healing methods. A sports injury of her knee and chronic digestive issues brought her to an acupuncturist/herbalist. Being helped enormously by this natural medicine, Abbey became curious about alternative healing methods. When the opportunity to study acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine presented itself Abbey instinctively knew this was the right path for her. Now days Dr. Shulkin combines her knowledge and passion of ancient medicine with modern scientic advancements such as laser and ozone, to help heal others, inside and out.

Mission Statement

Dr. Shulkin's mission and purpose is to bring relief to her patients who suffer from sports injuries, chronic pain, digestive disorders or Parkinson’s symptoms. She also is driven to support people who want to make a positive change in their life style to maintain a healthy weight as well as to prolong and improve the quality of their lives. Feeling (and looking) good inside and out, without the use of surgery or pharmaceuticals and their side effects is her top priority.

Before entering the medical field, Dr. Abbey earned her bachelors of fine arts at Parson’s School of Design in Paris and was a designer and photographer in Europe working for clients like the Cosmopolitan Magazine and L’Oreal Paris. She still appreciates all things beauty related such as fashion, art and design. Outside of her medical practice Dr. Shulkin teaches fitness because an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Dr. Abbey Jo Shulkin

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